Personnages || SNK
NomNombre de personnages
3 Count Bout1
Art of Fighting10
Art of Fighting 29
Art of Fighting 3 - The Path of the Warrior6
Double Dragon7
Fatal Fury12
Fatal Fury 2 / Fatal Fury Special16
Fatal Fury 3 / Real Bout Fatal Fury6
Fighters History Dynamite14
Garou Mark of the Wolves14
Kabuki Klash12
Metal Slug2
Neogeo Battle Coliseum33
Operation Ragnagard1
Power instinct : Matrimelee15
Rage of the Dragons16
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / 223
Samurai Shodown7
Samurai Shodown II8
Samurai Shodown [III, VI]41
Savage Reign / Kizuna Encounter9
Sengoku 1 / 2 / 33
SNK vs Capcom: Chaos31
The King of Fighters strikers21
The King of Fighters [94, 95]22
The King of Fighters [96, XI]184
The King of Fighters [XII, XIII]8
The Last Blade21
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer4
Waku Waku 79

Nombre total de personnages: 565

Personnages || SNK