Welcome on Sweetmugen ! This site is dedicated to Mugen, the 2D fighting game engine and to Mugen's creations.
On this site you'll find a Database listing characters, stages... made for Mugen.
You'll also find tutorials and faqs to begin with Mugen (for now only in french, we're translating them).

Mugen News

2016-01-05 Happy new year!

I hope I'll add more news this year !

\"\" Site : http://sweetmugen.free.fr/

2014-04-01 Add some backgrounds to database

I add some backgrounds to database, mostly Smee ones.

\"\" Site : http://mugenorama.smeenet.org

2014-01-02 Happy New Year 2014 !

With new creations added to Database.

\"\" Site : http://sweetmugen.free.fr

2013-12-23 Mugen v 1.1 by Elecbyte

A new version of Mugen is available. It includes zoom support and much more features related to it (or not, like Training menu). Enjoy!

\"\" Site : http://www.elecbyte.com

2013-12-16 Site Database Update

I add some creations to the site database. The database structure was also changed.

\"\" Site : http://sweetmugen.free.fr

2013-09-23 Add some Kamekaze creations

Kamekaze converted a lot of characters for Mugen. Enjoy them from its website.

\"\" Site : http://network.mugenguild.com/kamekaze/

2013-07-26 Full Game section update

The Full Game category was updated.

\"\" Site : http://sweetmugen.free.fr

2013-07-12 Did you know ? Mugen is not only for Windows !

First versions of Mugen were for DOS only, you should have the good video card, the good sound card, and the good joystick to have Mugen run fully (always in full screen mode, hope your screen support low resolutions : ) ). Later Mugen was ported to Linux and was a little more 'flexible'. Keep in Mind all those versions were always labeled 'beta'. Several years later Elecbyte came back and release the first stable version, and it was only for Windows. That should be OK for most users but maybe not for you... For those who don't have Windows OS but want to play with Mugen you could use Wine for the stable version, and DOSbox for the DOS version. Wine is available for most Unix OS and DOSbox also. Why using Dos Mugen in 2013 ? Because there's still a lot of characters that are pretty well coded and available only in DOS version. Now OS is no more a limit to enjoy Mugen.

\"\" Site : http://www.winehq.org

2013-07-11 Super Street Fighter 2 Nes

Super Street Fighter 2 NES Team (SMEE, Kung Fu Man, Caddie, Manto) released Super STreet Fighter 2 NES Full Game.

\"\" Site : http://randomselect.piiym.net

2013-07-11 Mortal Kombat 2 Mugen by Juano 16

Juan 16 released a full game based on Mortal Kombat 2.

\"\" Site : http://juano.enterateya.com/

More news

Database News
12-02-2017 [ CHAR ] -  Jill Valentine  
12-02-2017 [ CHAR ] -  Mai Shiranui  
05-02-2017 [ CHAR ] -  Athena Asamiya  
01-04-2014 [ STAGE ] -  Heliport A  
01-04-2014 [ STAGE ] -  Outside of Meka s Castle  
01-04-2014 [ STAGE ] -  Makenka  
01-04-2014 [ STAGE ] -  Makendou2  
01-04-2014 [ STAGE ] -  New York  
21-02-2014 [ STAGE ] -  Shinobi Mission 1-2  
21-02-2014 [ STAGE ] -  A Sunset and A Beating  

Database statistics

Chars 1565
Stages 1780
Screenpacks 138
Intros 27
Endings 250
Lifebars 18
Games 35